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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poker is going slow. i want the $50 referal bonus on paradise, becuase i will then play 500 more raked hands this weekend at the NL50 game to get my pokersourceonline bonus of POKERTRACKER! If i dont do it, I'll be a little disappointed, cos its gonna cost $55!
(I might do the 0.5/1 LHE instead cos it looks SOFT)

Apart from that the most important thing right now is ebay. Got a few things rocking there. Mainly the collectors nike dunks. I'm also gonna be selling two hoodies that I bought and some poker books which i bought off amazon.
I need to get a few textbooks in too, cos its the start of the new term and everyone is asking ME for them. Too much demand, with no stock, its a nightmare.

Got a game going tonight, £5 freezout S&G. I think there's gonna be 6-8 of us and I'm the only one who has read a poker book before. IMO happy days!
I would feel bad but they're happy to play, I said name ure stakes and have given them the opportunity to change it numerous times.
So screw it. I would prefer a cash game incase someone lucks out on me, but oh well. I'd better win cos I might not hear the end of it otherwise.

This is going to be it for my poker unitl friday afternoon, when I'll start on my 500 raked hands at paradise.

Got 2 economics homeworks in for thursday and I've been skipping class already!


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