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Saturday, January 21, 2006

4.35am GMT

tough day. played maybe 6hrs of limit holdem at 0.5/1. Maybe dropped 35BB??
blackjack compensated (its for tilt control, honest!), as well as the old paradise $50 referal bonus.

Ended the day $91 ahead (this includes thursday night cos i cant be assed to check). happy days. i cant play paradise 5 handed, it stinks. I do like the LHE, but need to fine tune my game and not tilt. Some of the suckouts are sick. Wasted a Paradise Million Entry cos i tilted and didnt know what i was doing, but did see a dude hit a royal flush, first i've ever seen in my 'career'.

OK so poker tracker should be comming soon, and i gotta regroup for the partypoker bonus. I'll do maybe one at NL25 and one at 0.5/1.

My eyes are completely gone, so I'm gonna sleep and wake up and hope to kill the Party site tomorrow. Question is do i go for the full bonus?? better do some math. Gonna rape the online casinos. The math is there so i should be getting +EV on BJ.

In ebay news, we sold a pair for a ridiculous £107. Lmao we would have taken £90 bin. Crazy shit, no questions I wanna rebuy those De La Souls. Got 6 pairs of Medicoms to shift now.

Also got a bet with Bina going. She said Man Utd will beat Liverpool 1-0 this weekend. LMAO i gave her 3-1 and she took it. Checked Betfair and its 8-1ish. Lolipops.

Poker did not go that smooth today. I dropped a lot of bets, and in the last 2hrs i drew to flushes (with odds) several times, and missed them all. One in particular was me in SB comleted with 42d.
flop had 3d5dQc. I went crazy on flop, slowed on turn and of course missed on river. :(


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