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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Paradise poker.... completed 1000 raked hands. Gangsta rolling. Poker Tracker [hopefully] on the way

Now doing partypoker 1000 for $100 bonus.

Poker today was up like $3 but finished 200 hands of the party poker so really thats $20 on top.

ALSO doing casino on the net [CON] bonus. I need to wager $4000 to complete this. Sounds a lot but tis not really. Just takes a few hours
I'm 50% through and up $125 on my original $200. Sick. Maybe took 2hrs30 of gambling time.
Bonus whoring is great. Very interested in the sticky bonuses, where i have to gamble like $100 in one hand. Very interesting...

Just got onto facebook. gotta sort out my pic on there.

holla, swallow back, HELLO... BE easy

(cudos to the first person who recognises this reference)


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