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Friday, May 26, 2006

times are hard

including the whole of this months rb, and interpoker bonus, im even right now. pokerwise im down a couple of stacks. just played a session where i made a total of $15 after donking a $66 bluff?
that one was not thought through.
that bluff did something wierd. yeh i've been thinking a lot about how the hell to turn my 'slump' around, and i realised it was... SCARED MONEY.

yeh i moved to NL100, but that wasnt the issue. its the fact that i technically depend on this $$. my usual game is WAY off. NOW im going back to how i was before. maybe not 35/17 etc but around 29/15 will do just nicely. i did that and made back the $100 i'd donked, playing pretty damn well. I will obviously adjust, some games will require loose play, some ubertightness.

i also qualified for an MTT via a satellite. its a $22 buyin MTT, $5k guaranteed. was considering NOT comming 2nd and taking 3rd since it paid $12, but f it. i'll play this MTT, or maybe let Rupom have it.

Man. Multiple times i just pushed things too hard. Now im gonna watch a few CR vids etc, but i KNOW what to do now.


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