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Friday, May 12, 2006


ok its happened ANOTHER 2 times now. i guess i should be happy its at NL25 and not higher, but 4 times in 2000 hands or so is pretty crazy since i have only had it once in my whole career.

ok so i probably have seen it more, but not in my last 20k PT hands.
oh well, cost me maybe $170 in total pot sizes. ugly. oh well

still up $63. decided to TAG it up. VPIP of 20%, GET ME!! (pfr 10%)

i reckon i can handle 23% VPIP easily, and would go for 25% and 12% PFR (LAG, who me??) but its a lot easier just playing tight and throwing AJ UTG. at higher limits its a no brainer, but NL25 i think im so much better that its possible.

my last 6.5hrs 8-10tabling i have an hourly poker rate of $30p/h over 2770 hands.
425 hands per hour, MT ratio of 6.94.

i signed up to stars for a $25 (woopee!) deposit bonus, but also because i found a site offering the ed Miller boxset DVDs which i want, and are worth £50. thus its a good deal, all i have to do is play like 50 $10 STTs. easy peasy (maybe 5 perhour??) will be nice to play some STT too.
did drop $1 playing NL0.01/0.02 with me betting 0.5 rather than 0.05 by accident. yikes! (lol)

cleared the party bonus too for $100

BR now 3845.

interesting that todays play was pretty much the cost lacie HD. hmm maybe i should cancel the HD just so i can say i got $4k BR?? w.e tv, pistachio and some milk (!?) before bed. i'll be up for breaky for sure. back to revision PUNK.

p.s. oh absolute gave me $5 for free, and i turned that into... $7!

BR: $3852 :D


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