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Saturday, May 20, 2006


BR at $3871.

right now im up like on the pokerstars balance, which means i blew most of the $25 bonus.
the money doesnt matter, but its how it happened. i was chasing the 5 billionth hand promo.

ok i wont bother to calculate numbers, by which i mean the % chance of hitting a milestone hand, but i've been thinking. the amount of time i gave up to chase it is too much. i would probably have more +EV playing the cash tables rather than chase some stupid bonus.
granted i am currently too tired to play properly, but it does show that this is no longer worthwhile. therefore i will not be chasing any more milestones, apart from perhaps the 5 billionth one itself, since it pays enough.

i think im gonna post more about what happens in my life too. thus one can get to know wtf a micro limit 'pro' does with his time. this morning i woke up at 11am, and by 12pm i'd purchased a PSP. I still dont know wtf i'm gonna do with it but at £100 it was too much too +EV to pass.
LoL i thought of it in terms of +EV. this is something which i've noticed more and more, my thinking is getting screwed into +EV or -EV for every decision i make.
Today i must have spent 3hrs reading forums and i'm tired as censored. I love to read strategy all the time, as it keeps me really focussed whilst i cant play just now. but then again i probably read too much. if i was gonna spend 3hrs reading, why not just 1hr reading and 2hrs of play? i think this is why i feel my BR is growing slowly. im just not putting the hours in when i can.
anyway my dell 2001fp comes on the 23rd of may (eta), so i will then be able to 4 table crypto with no overlap. this will be totally sick. i cant wait.

I watched LOST episode 22 today, and thought... I wanna see the next one! its building up to be a great season finale, and i'm gonna be so pissed cos i will have to wait for the next season.

anyway this has been a serious ramble. back to the tables kids.

update -$18 playing for the milestones and losing $10 to rupom HU when he fished for a 5 outer.
BR $3853 :P


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