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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I get coached

So today I got coached by 2p2's clayton. He's a very good player, and i learnt lots and lots.
I'm gonna take more lessons in the future

weird last few days all around, won 41k yesterday, lost $500 today. I'm at least 1PTBB/100 better than before tho, imo.

poker coaching is very worthwhile, and i should probably get back to picking up students again.

Tomorrow I go to dublin, for coke/blow/hookers. maybe some alchopops? (j/k)
Might be a bit of a waste of time poekrwise, but should quite simply jsut be lots of fun although i've begun to dislike plane rides.

pfff trip report later


Blogger Poker_Tourist said...

41K?! Not a bad day ;-)

5:15 PM  

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