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Monday, January 15, 2007


Maybe not the most PC of titles. The above is actually a screenname of a 2p2 SSNL regular.

It is MLK day.

I've been really busy this month in general, and wish I could play more, but I suck at playing hands. I've made some money this month, not that much though. I've also been extremely tired. My sleeping pattern is rediculously out of wack.

Currently I'm playing 7-9 tables on party. I'm only using my 30" monitor, and have the 20" and 19" on my second computer. So far I haven't actually figured out a use for having two computers.

I've watched a lot of tv recently, I really like the apprentice. There's a new series in America, and lol Donald Trump's daughter Ivana is HAWT. She seems pretty competant but I am a little annoyed. There's a new 'gimmick' thing with the whole sleep in teh tent fiasco. I think that this is really bad. This happens to shows when they start to get stale, they bring in new gimmicks.
The apprentice as a show is almost done, there's a couple of seasons left in it MAXIMUM. Also there's not as much focus on the actual task, it's all about the people and their 'feelings'. The show needs to go back to the bare bones of a big task, and everyone working hard/failing.

Ok I'm off for a nap now, then hope to get in a medium length session later this evening.


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