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Sunday, January 22, 2006

since thursday.

Paradise + $92.37 dropped 35BB at 0.5/1 but made up gambling in BJ, NL50 and $50 referal bonus
Party + $53 con referal of 50
CON + $263 sick. won $63 at BJ, plus $200 match bonus
willhill + £0.60 freeroll on friday night
pokerplex + $21.54 played £0.15/0.25NL for kicks. played about 30 mins and hit a mini rush

bet with simon -£0.50
bet with bina- now have to do her laundry 6 times! I layed her 3-1 on correct score and lost :( 2 unit bets.

lol thats my work since thursday night.

so +$430 (approx £253), but have to do someone elses laundry 6 times

not much to post poker wise since there was so much. I'll play the vcstudent poker tomorrow, and try to take it seriously. Gonna take it a little easy, but i do have to complete another 800 hands on party by staurday morning, which i'll do maybe on thursday night, and friday night.

Been selling a load of shit, which is all going well. I think i have to start doing proper accounting on it all. Cigs and shoes doing well, and I'm getting so many orders for books which i dont think i can fulfil, which sucks. Got like £100 worth of poekr books comming. Gonna ebay most of them.
Gotta take things easy a bit, I have a lot of work to do now. Got german coursework to hand in soon.

must start job search. Get that in full motion. Sticky bonuses at casinos offer huge value. however i'm gonna have to bet $200 or $400 in one hand at the start, which is massive (max loss of $100 so not that bad).


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