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Thursday, May 11, 2006

maths over

may or may not have been ok.
came home took the rest of the day off and watched some tv. prison break rocks, and we already know about 24. J dot Bauer got game?

just 9/10 tabled, but 10 is too many and i folded trips by accident! mofo
i played badly and dropped $28, not to mention i got cold decked, and ran KK into AA for just the 2nd time.

then took a break, and then made $98 playing NL50. didnt really play very well, wasted maybe $15-$20. oh well. tripled through though when 99 vs QQ vs AA hit top set on flop and we put it all in.

hmm... both times played badly, i think i'd better stop tonight.
thats +$70 whislt going for the current party bonus. just clawing back the $$ i lost playing stud, lol.

BR: $3871 (again)

gonna watch the apprentice now, cant believe michelle WON!!


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