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Monday, May 08, 2006

im back

... and may have failed.

30 mins before dinner, made $20, although had a little bit of a downswing at LHEĀ£0.25/0.5. man the only hand i wanted to play got capped preflop (QQ), but it was 4-way and an A dropped and i was like 'goodbye'. oh well.

BR: $3801

i've learnt my lesson though.
read a book before i play stud again (or at least play 0.05/0.1 if i can finid that)

tomorrow i have a german exam, which i'll be preparing for tonight. im actually pretty good at german so this shouldnt be too bad.
2 days after is B611 which i'm resitting. unconfirmed rumours have it that the syllabus has changed. mofo great.


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