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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Stayed Up All Night

Watched Rupom take down the $5000 guaranteed on Willhill. congrats man. thats like 5 times now or something pretty crazy like that.

I was going to bed at 4am, but after the win i decided i'd go with Ben and Rupom to the Gutshot and play some PLHE£25. Now i suck at PLHE but decided why not? just for kicks.
pokerwise i was pretty trash, donking £20 for sure. down £33 there, but managed to make up for it by going ona complete heater on the prop bets between me and Rupom.
I'd first heard of prop bets reading Daniel Negreanu's blog and thought that it would actually keep B&M poker interesting. So there i am buying in at around 5.30am.
the prop bet with Rupom was £1 per time 'our' card came up. Also its £10 if quads of your card is showndown or comes on the board. I took Jacks and he took Kings.
In the end jacks came up 7 times to 3, with Rupom missing one king (you have to call the card on the street before betting closes).
Somewhere in the midst of this a dude sits down and proceeds to play trash. ok Rupom plays a raised pot with him. flop comes J high. I call it (obviously), semi-loudly which gets the dealer's assistant (although its deal yourself) shhing me. action is raise call. turn was a brick card. i cant remember what the action was but i do know that a J came on the river. again i claim loudly (fuck it im tired). both players have it all in and Rupom flicks up JJ!! quads baby!
now as he rakes in the pot, of around £30, there's me now cracking up like a motherfucker. The two bigger tables with the 'pros' are giving me seriously disapproving looks. I just couldn't help myself. Rupom had won a net of just over £15 from the pot, but had to pay me £10!
lmfao. when he realised it, his face dropped. the money didnt matter, but having realised just wtf had happened, he must have realised just how funny it was. including because it was his decision to pay extra for quads. that hand was totally worth playing this morning, just for that.
down £17. fine.

we go to Rupom's to play some poker online. he qualifies for the 50K guaranteed tonight and then procees to mess around in the £5 and £10 STTs. me on the other hand i play four £5.50 STTs, winning 1 and comming 3rd in 1. so £13 profit was fine for me. Rupom's disregard for money is bit degenerate gambler. when he does play properly, i really do think he makes very good decisions. theres is a lot i could learn off him. Whilst i dont agree with throwing the cash around like he did I understand where he's commin from, but even when i play NL2 drunk, i want to win. That's just the way i am, I'm gonna try and win that money no matter how much or little it is. However i do have the 'spend happy' mentality where i spend money on random shit without caring. its really bad

get back, shower, sleep and then surf the net
$64 in 40 mins on NL50 clearing ANOTHER party reload. i hope i have time to finish it
obviously absolute reloads are making them scared. this is only good news.

separetely im gonna keep a 'live' account. played at gutshot and lost £19 total. (this accounts for the 22 vs AK straight up i did with rupom. £1 each time. his AK won 11/20 times).
live account is £-19. i guess i'm gonna have £100 set aside for this, simply because i dont play much live, and also because the play is just so bad. I probably didnt play optimally in the PL25 game at the gutshot but still it was too fishy. one english dude that was there called KT on AA2 board when someone moved in on him. the dude flips QQ and a K spikes.
preflop it was i think £10 and post flop was for everything. when asked what he thought villain had (he IS my hero), he reply was 'i thought he had an ace but i was pot committed'

BR now $3490. up $1000 on about 27hrs this month, even with a massive $280 'high' tilt.


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