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Thursday, May 04, 2006

another one in the bag

just did a B201 resit- Microeconomics

there were some probs at earl's court, so the trains were delayed. EVERYONE arrives at the same time, 9.45. ok.
At the start of the test, i check the board for where i am. Er not on the list??
so anyway i go ask the examiners, they make me wait a FULL 10 mins AFTER the exam has started before seating me. like wtf, u cant just let me pull up a chair? on top of that, it takes another min of me sitting there like a lemon before they give me the question paper.


back to the tables
i had a 40min rush 8-tabling NL25 on party, and made $110. 4 buy ins is pretty sick. then dove gave me the lurgies and i dropped $20 in 30mins getting completely cold decked. it was seriously sick.

Then decided to take a break. i was way too tired for 8-tabling (its pretty hectic) so decided on some MTT action.
$5.50 UB $1000 guaranteed, crash. as per usual
$1 on party? came top 40. mofo i was good unitll i tilted. AT lost vs AQ sb vs bb battle when i thought he was making a play. I KEEP crashing and burning in tourneys. its so dumb. anyway 40 out of 1400 is pretty good, but it pays like $7. what a waste of 3.5hrs. i was playing pretty well though, so that was good.

total profit for day was $90 plus change.

BR $3580. breaks the 3.5k mark (actually 3.6k at one stage but whos counting?)

p.s. where am i gonna live next year?? if someone has anywhere, pls email


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