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Friday, May 05, 2006


OK im about to bust my balls for this one. its the 'biggie'.

also prison break does rock. i was sceptical at first, but now i love it.
(any opportunity to procrastinate)

played 90 mins of NL100 (or at least NLĀ£50, NL100euros NL$100)

up $69 total, but dropped like 50euros, which is like $73 at the end of the session which hurt a little. oh well still good $$ i guess.

rakeback was a MIGHTY $11. lol. mainly cos i havent had time on there. next months rakeback will be pretty big though as i clear the backlog of crypto bonuses, maybe at NL100 which last night was clearing amazingly fast.

BR: $3857

im gonna keep week and monthly totals i think too. especially when i 'go pro'

week: $367
month $367


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