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Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Thinking

I played no poker today.

woke up around 2pm. went to meet up with some of the Econ/Stats kids. That was cool, nice to just hang for a while.
Came back and had a BBQ from the thing that was going on downstairs. There's a party just kinda starting now, I'm gonna go back in 30mins or so.

No play today, but just spent the day 'reflecting'. I have really been pushing things at the table too much. This is why im starting every session in the hole, before making it all back and breaking even. If i could just control myself and pass in real tight spots i'll be ok.
My game is at this stage where i can easily make $$ just playing abc. the prob is me trying to float way too much. I've also got to use the call button more. there are many times where i have a hand that can trap but my overaggression makes them laydown.

ok gonna watch some tv now, and be back later


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