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Friday, February 16, 2007

Just A Quickie

Not much to say. I've been playing really badly of late, and have easily cost myself $2k this month in pure tiltyness.

I'm at $5k for the month after bonuses (but before rb), so things are ok. I've played 22k hands, and am kinda still on target for 40k. I'm not gonna say i'm playing X amount of hands this weekend or this week, or next week because I keep missing my deadlines, but rest assumred 40k hnads this month is gnna be a minimum. I'm actually considering how to break 50k hands, as that would feel really awesome.

Yesterday I spent the whole day with francesca at ikea buying furniture and stuff. I was surprised and impressed with the thought and layout of the whole ooperation. From the free bus shuttle, to the kids area, to the cafe to the method of purchase, i.e. look via the showroom and then buy from the wharehouse section.

The stuff got delivered today Damien and I have just set up my sofa (it's sort of a futon style thing, but instead of a matteress it has cushions. I have a book case to setup too, but i guess i can do that myself sometime soon.
I'm off to put the covers on the cushions now, ready for our flat's current obsession: the amazing race (we've done seasons 1 and 10, currently watching 2)


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