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Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm actually, weirdly on tilt right now. Just dropped 2 stacks at stars NL100, whilst trying out the software. I really hate losing monies.

I've done 11k hands this month so far, and am +$1.8k from play, and around $450 from poker bonuses that I actually didnt know were coming, ty party.

This isn't bad since, i was -$2.5k after my first 2k hands. I have to hit 40k this month, or else i'm out $6k in prop bets. That would suck. My money target is $10k-$15k, but as long as i can play my A or B game most of the time, this will come easy. If fact, I feel like I've been on my A game for teh past few days actually.

I've been playing a lot at 1/2 just because I'm really tearing the games up and am feeling that there's a lot less variance than 2/4. I will however be playing more 2/4, but i think something liek 10k hands at 2/4 this month is most likely. Next week, I'm hoping for a 20k hand week. This will be hard, but it's reading week so HOLLA.

If he wants it, I'll be taking on 'yorkshirepudding' (check the blogs on left) as a student, and all he has to do is play 5k hands/week and pay me the rakeback that he makes. I've read his blog for a while and he seems pretty determined to win mad monies. I also sympathise with his situation, where poker income would actually have a decent impact on his lifestyle.
However, I've noticed his play is a bit 'meh', so I'll be trying to coach him, and make him beat at least NL100.
I'm actually charging people $50/hr for coaching right now, which I feel is a pretty reasonable rate, and my 'students' (lol i have students) have actually been giving goot feedback.

My floors are looking good right now, I'll have a pic of my room soon. My flatmates' rooms are getting fisnisehd tomorrow and saturday, after which our flat will be finished. I can't wait.

Anyway I got class tomorrow at 9am. Fun times.


Blogger actyper said...

$10-15k this month? Wow, hope you get there. Whats your biggest month so far?

1:51 PM  
Blogger moniquer said...

Hey man,

Been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to let you know how cool it is that you are considering taking in a guy like YorkshirePud as a student. Karma points for you, and best of luck on your goals for Feb and the rest of 2007.


8:18 PM  
Blogger nextgenneo said...

hey hows it going mate, whats your name on party?

2:33 AM  
Blogger leebrownsword said...

Hi Andy,

I read you blog regularly and I was wondering if you could link my site on it? I hope you, and some of your readers will find it interesting. Its

I think you would like the concept (I leave next week with 2 mates and will be travelling the world and playing poker on a laptop). No worries if you dont, but if you do like it and could give me a link, I'd really appreciate it.

Ta mate, Lee

3:50 PM  

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