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Friday, January 27, 2006

Quite a swingy day.

PLayed 866 hands at party poker in about 6hrs. Ended up 3 tabling towards the end of my session. Started the day losing as seems to be always happening recently. Was down $35 in about 30 mins. PLayed till dinner and was down $15.

Played pool, chilled a bit, came back had to reload for $13,$11 and then $16. I had no idea wtf was going on. Multitabling 2 tables at the time, i just couldnt win a big pot.

About 10.30pm I was 3 tabling, down $35, but having played 500 raked hands at party i knew i was technically in the black. Accidentally paid a blind on the 10 handed table (2 otheres were 6 max) so decided to play one more round.
Over the next 45mins i went on a serious rush, twice hitting top set (having been missing them all damm day) and getting paid on them. I even got action on aces- ME!

Ended up $8.81 in the black, which is good considering i made around $50 in bonus. Just need 250 more raked hands tomorrow to get $100 off party. So all good.

I played some very good poker today actually, taking down many pots when i had abosolutely nothing> without those small pots i would have probably been down $5-$15 so i'm very happy to be adding a new weapon to my arsenal.

Only worry was preflop aggression, which was very low. Need to address taht.
was actually even playing PL25 for a while before realiing wtf was happening. (lost $13 there before remembering i suck at PL)

Pokertracker is PIMP. Especially with quicktime. I now always know how shit/good my opponents are, cos i can see vips etc.

Anyway its 1am and i have Econometrics at 9am.
Didnt see how much my latest pair of trainers went for as its on Grif's account and i forgot to watch the item. With 18 mins left the 'de la soul' sb dunks were at £59, so i hope they broke £65, which would be dope.


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