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Monday, February 20, 2006


Empire account cashed out at $1002.04. Pretty darn PiMP. (deposit of $500)

Fucking annoyed with my play. Ended up like i think $30 up or something on the day, but took some serious swings. I played really poorly, and only a good session on PLO25 (which i donk at) kept me from break even for the day. I donked AK for $20 on a rag flop, dude shows AA so im fucked.
Played ok, mostly, then went on tilt for a while, calmed down, then got stacked when my KK ran into AA, with all the money in preflop. thats ok, it was gonna happen someday. Hit 2000 hands and have now stopped.

4 tabling is hectic, but not difficult on full tables, its not really good 4 tabling 6-max unless theres no overlap. I will be buying the PT for omaha, and will be learning the game. Its very much a gambling game, as you see a lot of flops and its very rare that a flop is raised like crazy.
I'll also buy PAHUD.


Week (reading week, so 9 days) +$742
BR is $2315
on the year i think im up $1362. I did the math quick, and cant be assed to do it again. Thats good for £780. Thus i need to make around $2000 now to meet my half yearly total. Thats not bad.

Very happy with this, especially since its been truely grinding, although hitting a MTT would be nice. Thats a target of mine, but i think will stick to cash games till i finish my exams in May, then do my best to win an MTT.
I was meant to play STTs this week, but was too good at cash games, and to be honest have now changed from tight-weak to tight-hyperfucking aggressive. Now want to tone it doown, be selective and be a stone cold TAG who has serious LAG tendencies.


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