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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dropped £10 in no time. Tilted and went to play BJ where i consequently lost my paradise total of $380. WTF im a cock. Then deposited $380, and proceeded to lose that too. So $760 down, and wondering wtf to do.

Answer: go to CON which i could kiss. Turned $500 into $950 by BJ. Then made $125 on party with BJ (dunno why) then made $20 total after tilting £50 away, i ended up doubling one of my stacks on the NL£50 table, which really is above my limit. Its really aggressive there and i really hit some hands, and would have been up a lot more if my trips hadnt run into a flopped straight.

Never mind total is down $150 today, when i really wasnt even gonna play.

Fucking annoying to drop $150 but its ok. So my BR is not $1350. I can build it up. Should get rakeback but it doesnt really add much.


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