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Friday, February 10, 2006


Read about Gigabet, one of the most famous internet players ever.
The dude played $1000 pots at age 16!

Man. I think I really need to learn STTs so that I can play MTTs too. I played 3 today busting 2 and comming 1st in 1.

Thing is it really bores me in the early stages as i know i'm not gonna be making enough money for it to be worthwhile at the £1 limits.
I think I will play $5 STTs whenever I can, however cash games will still have to be my bread and butter. I also want to learn some LHE but at 0.5/1 I still cant quite earn enough.

  1. German Coursework.
  2. Sort out B203 notes and revise
  3. Study a bit for International Monetary Economics
  4. Bodog PSO bonus completed next week
  5. Get a Neteller account.
  6. Intercasino - sign up and do the bonus
  7. Starluck casino bonus.
  8. Make $500 (or £300ish) total.


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