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Monday, February 13, 2006

Wasted Day

Did not do anything today. Woke up late read some forums and generally just bummed around.
Played 30 mins on intercasino just to complete the $90 bonus.

Played about 30mins on interpoker after that.
was semi-tired but you know what?- I felt lucky (and i was)

played the NL$50 on crypto, which I've really struggled with. I think the NL$50 on crypto is the hardest over anywhere on the net. Paradise and Party are nowhere like that (apart from maybe paradise during the day, but i hate 5-max).
I really don't understand why either because I absolutely kill the NLĀ£25 on crypto, which is pretty much the same limit. I also do well playing NL$50 pretty much everywhere else.

Any way first hand i lost like $12, when i turned a flush, only for the dude to to fill up his 2 pair on the river. It was a $20 pot, but i would have stacked him if it didnt hit.
Never mind i wasnt paying too much attention, because on the other table i was playing I'd picked up QQ first hand in bb!!
2 limpers, i raise to $3. Flop comes J high. I lead out with $5, MP moves in, LP folds, so i figure unless he has JJ I'm ahead. He turns over J8s and I stack the punk.
Back to the first table, things arent going great. No cards, I limp K10s, then get raised and so I call for $2. Flop gives me flush draw and 2 overs. I check raise allin (i know, wtf!!).
He calls with AA BUT i make it on the end. First time i sucked out on someone in about 3 months (possibly the 2nd time I've tried to in 3 monthse

Wow i am feeling lucky. I didnt really play long after that. Couldn't really get going, never got a chance to even run a bluff.


day: +$140
week: +$245
BR $1863


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