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Thursday, February 23, 2006


12am on thursday 23rd feb. I have to hand my c/w in on 24th and have written not one word of deutsch.

Been reading a tonne of forums, and the gigabet dilemma has really got me thinking.
I'm gonna play a $5 STT on friday, thinking about 'blocks' and 'the line' which arguably means that actually playing with cards is irrelevent. They only determine the outcome (which matters obviously). However in trying to make the right decision, you may only have to make someone else making the wrong one. When the blinds are at a certain level, i wont care what my cards are, its push or fold, unless i have a big stack in which i'm trying to move 'the line'.

yeh it sounds wierd, but interesting all the same.

Right, back to the c/w


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