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Friday, April 28, 2006

Scale of 1-10? today was a 3

and barely.

0 is for dying,
1 is for 'gonna die'/lost limbs/on death row
2 is arrested/in a serious situation/sacked
3 like today is for fucking shite test, where i dropped 25% of the marks by being a complete douchebag. then i come home and play too loose-passive that i end up dropping $25.

i actually think, however its a testimony to my play that i didnt lose like$150, which definitely could have happened. I do have really good fundamental game, but really didnt play too well.

i taped the session, and will be replaying to see whats up with dove. earlier today he got a stack at NL25 up to $100, and then he did it again whilst i was on his table. big props. in all honesty i didnt actually see much of what you did, as i was watching elsewhere, and actually missed most of your big pots.

so my BR is down to $3395, but i am 450 hands through the $100 party bonus. so that's good. 550 hands left. i think my VPIP was too high today, and my pfr was too. just trying a little too hard to make things happen i think.

ok i was gonna play a session, but i think i'm gonna do some 'green' with chris. calm my punk ass down. i think i might play an MTT high. see how that does for me


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