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Monday, April 24, 2006

Panic Button

Its exam time and my panic button has gone off. Was wondering when it would happen.

I have two exams next week, both of which i have done a less work than i should have for.
I have 2 revision classes tomorrow (3 actually but two clash) and will be on top game (i hope).

Poker is far from my mind right now.
Now my panic button has gone off, i have to get out of 'flap mode'. I'm panicked and not working. This can be seen from the fact I'm actually writing in my blog rather than going to bed/studying. It's good I've hit this stage, but now i have to get out of it. The only way is hardcore revision until i feel comfortable. Then I'll be in serious revision mode and cruising.

I have enough time to pull one out of the bag, and God know's I'm arrogant/confident enough to think I can. Now the panic button has gone off, i need to calm down and set about sorting myself out.

I was flapping about losing my notes for a whole 0.5 unit today, before realising I'd just placed them in a wierd place. I can't afford this anymore. Last year i panicked and never got out of it. This year I hope I can calm my ass down and do something. Last year before my final exam I flapped like crazy, I thought I'd lost my creef form. That was really scary. Without it you cant sit the exam.

I'm really only hoping for a 2:2. A 2:1 would mean me really getting lucky, as in all the topics i put most work into come up, and then also have some questions come up that are almost tailored for me specifically. My main worry is messing up and getting a 3rd.

Even though I would have an Economics degree from UCL, I don't know what a 3rd would do for me. Will anyone actually employ me with that shit?
That would be a bit of a disaster. I think I'd be really be in trouble.

Man most of my posts are about poker, and are like 'hello, what's up ya'll? i made X amount of cash today. pimp. goodbye'

This one is OMG I'm F***ING LOST!!


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