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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Some Accounting

here's the breakdown from 22/5/06-2/6/06

ring games:

mix of NL25/50/100 and LHE0.5/1 and LHE1/2
party: ($372)
crypto: ($266)
total: (638)

this kind of sucks. stuck 638 for ring games, most of the loss was on tilt and i hope never to experience this again in the near future.


stars: ($37)
crypto: $32.6


stars: ($8.8)
party: $38
crypto: $15.6


interpoker: $200
willhill: $94.4
party: $25


affiliate: $8.5
interpoker: $87.56 (although still waiting for this.)

net total for the period: ($182.14)

so pretty much neither here nor there for the period. i got in only 37.5hrs, which sucks. I was hoping for at least 60hrs.
not too bad since i did drop $800 in a day. i now have a rb deal for the 'worlds biggest poker site'

I think i really got to find out a lot about my game and how mentally stable i am/am not. Right now im a net loser at NL100 which totally sucks, especailly since it was the game i was hoping to be my bread and butter. Its ok since i had a contingency plan to play NL50 too just in case.
Not the best week, but had some good times, like hitting two FTs in a day. I will play MTTs a lot more i think.

Right now I am scrambling to try and get myself back into uni for the year after next. I really dont want to go back just yet, as i think im just 'not there' right now. However UCL and central london is a great place, and i do want to come back for my psychology degree.
I found a place for the next year, its gonna be £95 perweek rent, plus bills and food im assuming my expenditure will be around £170 (if i end up eating a lot). Thats around $320 (using .53 as X rate) which is not exactly hard. Im currently hoping for $1000-$1500 average weeks right now, and will reevaluate after the summer). Main concerns witht he new place are thats its in a semi-dodgy looking area, and the place has no internet (which would kill me). I don't know much about routers etc but im gonna have to learn fast. If there's no internet when i move in i have no idea wtf to do.
Current plans are to take advantage of my rb deals, and also do 1 casino bonus a week and one poker bonus a week. this way i would almost definitely struggle to make less than $500 a week.

oh i also paid $250 for poker lessons that im having in a couple of days:
BR: $3439


Blogger actyper said...

I don't think you can even rent an outhouse here for that price!

IMO no internet = no sale!

12:59 PM  
Blogger andy said...

£95 each per week. between 4 :)

9:23 PM  

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