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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gutshot + GSN HSNL

I'm up $300 or so today, but the 2nd to last hand sucked ass. Lets just say I stackoff with TP2K in a reraised pot and villain shows a turned set of 4s. seriously WOW. Would have had a $500 day.

Anyway enough of that. Went to the Gutshot Teusday night for some cash game fun fun fun in the sun.
Went there to meet dbitel from 2p2 and did this time. Thank God for mobile phones. So I give him a 'supbro' and we get the pleasantries over and done with. I also meet up with ama0330 who I'd played with before, but didn't know.
Takes 15mins or so of me waiting before a seat opens. Great I get £25 in chips and sit at the £25 max 0.25/0.5 blind game. Straddle is on... LOL. So I look down at J2o. 2 callers, I go ALL IN. oh it's pot limit. K i bet pot. dbitel reraises me AI for like another £8. I ask him if he has a pair. he says no. So of course i CALL. He has QJo and apprently two of my deuces are dead. OOPS! I miss a GOLDEN opportunity to say how much I love to jack off (2Jo GET IT?). If I'd hit my case 2 I'm sure I'd have remembered to do it. lol at a 1 outer.

Go to the counter and reload for another £25 and sneakily top up my stack to £35. Why does everyone wanna play so stupidly short? Table is now going fucking nuts. I'd been talking some smack with dbitel running some obvious 2p2 banter which no one got. NOW this kid is going AI with J2o????!!!!!11111ELEVEN. MAN.
Fold 1 hand then raise preflop, folds round to the new player at the table. board is AAK, so I cbet obviously my 99. Show one 9. SAY WHAT!? I call AI and still get respect at a table? jeez.
I limp the next 5 hands and hit zero flops.

nothing happens for a while ama0330 hits a flop with Ak and makes some deniero. Like 1/2 the table leave and I waste my image :( . One dude with like 6 reds (£5 chips) throws me a white and a green (white = £1, green = £0.25). He said he liked my style. LOL. rakeback. He wore a suit so I'd take his dough, though maybe he should have jsut chucked it at a homeless guy. I'm a NL100 black hole, I eat 'ok' (black hole = I just drain the $$ from the game like theres no tomorrow, and it dissapears forever)
So i call the straddle with 2 callers in front and 2 caller behind. Board is T72. checked round. turn is an 8 and sb bets £1, with 1 caller I call. river is a 3. sb bets out £1 again, with 1 caller. I fired £6, sb folds. The other dude in the hand looks very unhappy. He looks like a degenerate who I can rape at the table, but in a dark alleyway he looks like he'd be carrying a blade. BUT this is the table and not an alleyway so I point at the 3 and say 'yo. that's my nut card. i swear. that's my nut card'. Dbitel smirks. A couple of other people laugh cos I'm making a joke of it. He calls. I show 73o. mhig WOOT!. (i'm semi-worried he might stab me, so I dont' give it a "ship it! holla")

Next orbit I have KK and raise from the sb. Flop is K high with the bb the only caller. I check, he checks, I bet the turn he folds. Damn. I wouldn't mind taking his money cos he was wearing a suit, his mate was wearing a suit and he looked semi-rich. I can take ££ off rich people. Maybe I shoulda asked him for a job? There's this really annoying guy that I remember from the tourney last teusday. I obviously limp 64o from MP after a couple play. Flop is 964. I flop gin and reraise him. We stick it in and he has 92. Thanks mate.
Pick up KK in the bb. Co raises, sb calls and i reraise. Only sb calls. Flop is AJ5 all clubs. He checks, I have 2 black kings so I cbet. He pushes I call and am not surprised to see A7. Turn a club and I take ANOTHER nice pot. WOOT! I'm in profit.
UTG+1 after 1 limper, I raise. 4 way to the flop. Q66. checked round. turn and river 5 and 8 respectively. sb fires £3. I call. He instamucks without showing. I table AJo and show a call with A high. WOW I'm good. Could have looked kinda stupid there but nvm. I went with my gut.
dbitel goes bust somewhere with QT on Qxx board.Opponent has two pair. LOL

One hand I have AQ and lets just say I lose some money folding £6 into a £40 pot...
I end up catching the same bus home as ama0330 who's pretty cool. Just talking about sixth sense and how to build a roll. From what I can see I think he plays pretty solid but probably too timidly. Stepping up the aggression is pretty important when moving from NL25 to NL50. When I play NL25 I must seem like a bit of a maniac, but really I'm not.

ZOMG at GSN high stakes poker. I just watched EVERY EPISODE in like 2 days (I only work 2 hrs a day) It appears like a total joke. sammy farha must be running at 55/10 fron the hands that he actually plays. DN is some uber calling station, although I do think he played decently. He obviously has good feel. Doyle Brunson was not impressive. The best players in the game were Daniel Alaei and Antonio Esfandiari EASILY looked like the best two players. Phil Laak looked good playing ABC poker. Barry Greinstein looked pretty solid too. Eli Elezra looked like he was running at 44/13 or something, but was pretty tough postflop. Jen Harman was ABC TAG as was Todd Brunson. The 'amateurs' looked totally shit and really I don't think they could play vs a NL25 table and win apart from maybe Jerry Buss who was just set mining (which is a totally winning strategy at NL25). Phil Hullmuth sat down and steamed from the get go. Yeh Phil bluff $1k into an $18k pot. thats gonna do it. Mike Matasow actually looked pretty solid in comparision to the line up. Ted Forrest looked good. Mimi Tran looked good but she hit like so many sets it wasn't hard.

There was a lot of discussion here as to whether a NL2000 online player could beat the game. I'm obviously in the YES camp, but we are unlikely to see it since no one at NL2000 has the roll. You're gonna need $10mill in the bank to take a shot at it.
The main point is that NL2000 players will have clocked many more hands than the pros at NL, and also the pro's featured mostly don't play NL. Jen Harman actually says she is just 'learning' which I don't doubt since the 'big' game at the Bellagio is 4k/8k mixed fixed limit games. NL games have a $100k cap. Against the NL2000 players they'd get beat imo, and obviously crushed by thte NL10k players. LOL at letting GP, Mahatma, durr, aba20 or the likes in. I'm sure they're rolled or could easily BE rolled to play, and ZOMG they're kill the game.

edit: this post was originally called 'again today sucked.' but erm well that would be 4 out of 5 posts where things sucked, but i'm up $600 in 4 hrs play so things aren't too bad, plus I hit a 2 outer when I took my shot at NL200 so erm... ok.