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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My week so far...

Had a great 'break'. First day was 'no play day'. Got to buy some food etc. That's +EV LoL

Second day I was meant to not play at all. Ended up going to the gutshot and logging 7hrs of donkament pwnage. I wrote a really bad trip report on 2p2. I'll sum up

cliff notes: Went to meet dbitel. Didnt see him at all. I was pissed as hell that I didn't win. 7th was 'ok' but 7hrs play and £81 profit. £11 an hour?? jeez...

Today I got woken up at 10am cos my housemates mum called the house phone and it woke me up, so I've been uber tired all day. Up like $100 at NL50, $145 at NL100 and then I played NL25 for a while since I was SO tired I had no idea wtf i was doing, up $40ish there too. Wasn't really feeling it so didn't log many hands at NL100. just too tired. also up like $5 stealing money from 2p2ers chasing the backgammon bonus. Fun times. If anyone does the backgammon bonus pls note you must cashout from using the poker client and not the BG client, otherwise you're in for a world of pain.
Met up with Charis today and saw her new place. It's like 3mins away from me so thats cool. There's gonna be 6 of them total and I'm invited for meal times so 'SHIP IT! Holla'.

I got a package that I slept through and obviously was WAY too lazy to go collect. It might be my ipod but I wasn't expecting it so quickly(bought a 30gb video one cos... well I wanted one - WHAT!?) Oh and since I'm a lazy mofo I can't be bothered to go to a gym so I'm gonna buy an exercise bike so I can watch tv and exercise. LOL @ lazyness.

blog post cliff notes: i'm lazy and still pissed that I didnt win


Blogger Mattastic said...

A house full of birds who are going to cook for you? Definitely +EV my friend!

11:59 AM  

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