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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Work kinda sucks

Yeah, and by work I mean poker. I've spent around £400 this week and managed to choose NOW to be right in the middle of a 5 buyin downswing. I hope I can get out of it asap but there's not much that can be done. I may take tomorrow off as well and just play some donkaments.

My execise bike came and I spent like an hour setting it up. I really wish I'd gotten a cheaper simpler one since I'm struggling to figure out how to sort the 'tension' out.
Still waiting on the ipod and some books, hoping it comes this monday.

My engaged housemates moved out today. I'm currently living in a 4 bedroom house by myself! LoL one of my housemates comeback next week and the others maybe a week or two after that. I've already turned the house completely upside down. It rocks when you don't have to put ANYTHING away.

Poker today was a 2.8 buyin freefall, with me tilting off maybe 1.5 buyins in 1k hands. I'm a douche. Shouldn't have played. I'm gonna spend the rest of my time tidying up my room, sorting my laundry and and then planning what I need to buy.
My housemates that moved out took a few of their things that I kinda needed, like a kitchen bin and kettle so I gotta buy some new stuff. Oh and dloadngI'm rewatching season 1 of '24'. OMG at episode 8 when nina is making her first phone call 13.20 mins in to Jamie and doesn't connect. You can clearly see a camera man off to the right of the screen. HAH! Usually I always miss this crap but omg I got one (I'm sure internet geeks already spotted this but w.e.)
If anyone has a fast connection check out and You can dload a LOAD of free tv shows/series' and movies (and porn ... of course). IMO get a rapidshare premium account and then google 'rapget'. All this together = pure tv/movie pwnage.

One final thing - I pwn at cooking chicken, however I'm having some problems.

Perhaps someone whith a lot more 'life experience' can help...

1) with the hob. One of them wont fire, even though the others work. I can hear gas but and the sparker thing goes but nothing happens. The 3 other hobs work fine and I tried cleaning it and stuff but it just doesnt fire. help?!
2) The grill wont stay on. I've NEVER grilled anything before and was interested in trying. I light it up, its burning away nicely for like 60 secs, then... goes out? Do I just give it more gas, am I being retarded somewhere or is the thing broken?
3) I'm interested in expanding my cooking repetoire. Cookbooks a good idea or just try shit out?
4) as a bonus question anyone ever setup an exercise bike? It have a clue how to setup the 'tension' changing thing (dunno what its called but it just makes it harder to pedal)

ok so i may be semi-tasty and be able to make grown men quiver at the table but LOL @ me not knowing wtf to do with simple life stuff. I can't think of any more questions right now, but I got a load more. I'll trade 'life questions' for HH help :P

p.s. WOW at prices of bins. how many litres do i need for a kitchen bin, you guys like pink a 25ltr or a non-pedal?


Blogger Riverrun said...

Just get a girlfriend for like a month, she will redecorate your entire house, buy the shit that you need, and if your lucky she will teach you how to cook. Their like the Cardrunners of life, just make sure you let them expire after a month or they will drain your bankroll!!

3:25 PM  
Blogger derbywhite said...


Man you're mad mate ;)

Good luck with the cooking mullarkey and of course work.

8:03 AM  

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