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Monday, August 14, 2006

Poker Burnout

That's it I got burnout. Played a few donkaments today and was just donating. I've also been running off fumes having not gone shopping for about 2weeks. Usually I run out of food after one... so you KNOW just how hungry I am all the time. This is a problem if I'm passing on eating (ok I am still eating, just all the same stuff)

I've now pretty much just played 21 days straight and really cant take it. Last couple of days I was playing PLO and today some 7-card stud (cos I'm built like that!)


Today I play some NLHE but really couldn't concentrate properly. I was just raising preflop then cbetting and folding given resistance. NO thought process at all...

Here's the week:



NL400 17 hands $1.20 (chased a fish, then changerd my mind. eek!)
NL100 2787 hands $830 (like zero hands for me. Ran GOOT tho)
NL50 1880 hands $68.4 (screw it i cant beat NL50 anymore)
NL25 8726 hands $342.06 (summer sizzler)
PLO25 1159 hands $129.88 (game expansion)
PLO/8 $ 127 hands ($15.1) ( i suck but then again most of the time I forgot it was hi/lo)
Stud0.5/1 80hands? $15 (no PT stud so really who knows. the $15 is correct tho)


NL100 146 hands $29.71 (got stacked QQ vs AK vs AK in $250 pot. pff)

Donkament results:

08/13 crypto $4k guaranteed. $22 buyin - did not cash
08/13 crypto $3k guaranteed. $22 buyin - did not cash
08/13 crypto $1k guaranteed. $11 buyin - did not cash
08/13 titan $3.30 rebuy spent $15.30 - did not cash
08/13 party speed $6 buyin - did not cash
08/13 party regular $11 buyin - cashed for $20.45
08/13 UB DONKAMENT $1.1 buyin- did not cash
08/12 two monster freeroll qualifiers $6 - i sucked

08/09 gutshot £20 freezeout - 2nd for £203

Week total: $1321.2 + £181

using 1.8 ex rate...

BR is now $8517

I don't know how I got so few NL100 hands in. I'm shocked. I'll work hard next week, AFTER I take 2 days off. I seriously am burned out right now from poker and can not play anymore. Screw the summer sizzler, I'll take $150 rather than $300


Blogger derbywhite said...


Not a bad way to burn out my friend ;)

11:00 AM  
Blogger titans01 said...

Nice numbers. It looks like you can afford to take a day off.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Poolcue said...

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11:03 PM  
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