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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've broken $10 BR

title says it all. only up $700 from cash this week, but i've only clocked 11.8hrs

spent a shitload of time looking after Rupom and sweating him. He finished 4th after entering the final table shortest stacked. he made £5000 and I took 10%.

More to come but I'm uber tired and tomorrow I'm gonna mess around at the £20+2 2pm freezeout but apart from that not do too much. Prob take tomorrow off since I cant make anymore from the summer sizzler, although I might clock 5 table hrs of LHE at willhill for the £25 monthly reload.

From bonuses and rakeback my BR is going to be close to $11k before I take out $1.5k for bills etc.
I think $1.5k is gonna come out every month. I can afford it.


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