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Monday, February 19, 2007

Real WorLD m0nEY FeELs Different

to poker money.

Real world money means something. £10 buys a lot of stuff. I don't really WANT to pay £50 for a duvet. Online I tilt shove $400 pre with zero fold equity (done that twice at 400, and maybe twice times at 200 this month)

In the real world, paying £500/month in rent for a room in a flat where theres no space for a living room sucks. Online I'll take $1.3k to the highest limit i can, and shove AQ pre and lose to JJ (not the worst spot, but still not the smartest thing to do)

In the real world, spending £8 for a taxi when i can just walk sucks. Online i call $50 river bets because, well i just think i have to.

Right now I'm just donking around on a table with EMCwilliams at NL50. If i blow it, oh well. In the real world, thats just £25 down teh drain. in fact as i type this, i'm down $60. I kinda dont care eitehr way, but maybe i should since £30 is grocery shopping for a week, or two (who knows).

Wow the above is bad, kinda just ramblings. So over the weekend i'm up some moneies, over like 8k hands, in which time i took two 5 stack 'downswings'. Not the worst, not the best but whatever I'll live with it. I'm doing well this month, even though i dont think i'm playing fantastically well. I'm at 32k hands, so only 8k more. Tomorrow I'll do at elast 2k hands, hopefully more but damien has a play or soemthing so i might end up checking that out since there's meant to be lots of hot girls.

here are a couple of pics:

my new floors. they look pretty dope

and my new mouse setup. the mousepad is awesome


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