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Saturday, January 28, 2006


for all the chinks that is. went to singapore society and played £0.05/£0.1 blinds, £5max buyins. Guess what happens? i drop £15. LMao won 2 hands all night.
Theres no need to report play cos generally its shite.

But i have to vent so:

A10 runs into AQ which called pot sized bets to the river when the ace came (bigger kicker
66 twice, both sucked
KQo ran into trip tens
10,8 on board of 10,9,7 lost to 10,7
9,10. flop Q,J,x ran into aces of course (i actually put the guy on Ax here so thought i had 14outs
There was some calling of big bets with... bottom pair and then turning trips. Three times in the first 20 hands people drew and made gutshot draws. There was me with J3o. ffs

never mind. Won like $5 playing party in 30mins in which i busted a stack with QQ and folded AA on 233 board. made the $100 bonus though on party so good times!
Then came back pissed off, made £25 and lost $2 on party which sucked cos i d/c
(would have been £38 but my AK ran into 99K flop and lost to K9??). Won one huge hand where I had 10,10 raised got called pre. 88x flop, turn 10 and it goes crazy. dude busted on QQ for a £45ish pot.

So thats around +$186 this week total, not including the £15 which i will keep as a separate account. It's gonna happen every Sunday, and i expect to rape it. I think i will advertise as much as i can my losses, whilst not talking about my wins. Will play tomorrow but may cool off a little as i need to read for uni. I'm so far behind.

Watched some guys here play marjong for like an hour. OMG i think its a beatable game. I dunno why i thought that having never played it, and having no idea what the rankings are or anything. Yet i saw things that from poker i knew must have been mathematically wrong.

Crazy shit. Now craving 24 and LOST. How crazy is 'ure only conscious because i dont want to carry you'. JAck Bauer has pissed off 1.4 billion chinese- fair fight. LMAO.


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