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Friday, February 24, 2006


Finished my coursework and handed it in with 4 mins to spare. Talk about close!
Now i gotta catch up with all the shit i missed over the previous week.
Would like to play tonight, maybe some STT (I know i keep saying it, but then playing cash), but I'm gonna get drunk tonight. maybe some NL2 on UB at 4am?

so tired, proplus is wearing off so i'm gonna catch some kip before dinner.

p.s. sissoko's eye situation is sick. I feel so bad. Plus he was RATED. I thought they brought him in as a project but dude got some serious game time in a very strong liverpool midfield, and i think we'll miss him a lot. Hope he gets better because he was worth his salt next to Alonso. I think Hamman has to step up now(after stepping dude could retire) , and Garcia and Cisse have a chance to fight it out for the right hand side slot with Gerrard moving back to the middle.


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