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Thursday, April 13, 2006


... not really. Its very improtant I study, and i will be cracking on.

pokerwise i have put in more hours that i wanted to, mainly due to the ubersoft live game i have going.

the players just plain suck. my KK vs AK vs AQ didnt hold for a £25 pot. shucks.
its a NL£10 so was a BIG pot for the stakes.
I ended up winning £32 getting called down for all my stack of around £13 when the AK dude flips TPMK. i was bluffing? AA- everytime.
Then took another £10 off the same dude guy after flopping a flush (2d6d) in a raised pot ( i was SERIOUSLY messing). anyway he couldn't release a set and lucked out seriously when the turn came a diamond, or i'd have stacked him for £20 (and ended on a ridiculous £50 win)

Empire reload came through, so I'm bonus whoring there for $200. thats too much to pass.
anyway so today i played badly at NL50 loosing A LOT on one table, then turning the nuts vs 2nd nuts on another and really escaping with only a $6 loss.
Back to NL$25 i guess and managed to run up... 3.5 stacks! shit i remember posting i was too good for this level.
I was seriously LAG. i didnt check my session notes.
how does 35/12/3/550 strike ya!! keep in mind this is 4 tabling, two 6-max and two 10-max. one 10-max i was running 30% VPIP, yikes! however i do think anywhere between 32% and 38% is sutainable for NL$25 6-max. 10-max i want around 22% i think. I'll play LAG eveywhere.

with empire and party on the same network its a fucking aquarium at NL$25. some dude raised $2, then called $13 more when i moved in on him. so my KK got busted by 66 (river 6) he decides to keep apologising, i keep saying never mind, i end up happy someone else busted him (after i took half of it back) just so he could shut up.
anyway $87 is fine by me after a worrisome start, including 20mins when PT and PAHUD wouldnt work properly with the new empire stuff. I may go to 6 (or even 8!)tabling, just to clear this damn bonus.
maybe a bit of omaha. i think i'll actually read a book for it. not that i haven't in the past, but when i play i am in gamble mode a little since i dont have as much understanding as texas hold'em and really only get by cos everyone else are donks and my superior general poekr ability gets me by.

so i might be going home tomorrow if the coach to the conference place has no more seats. no worries i can teach my bro a little strategy and see where he's at. i'm sure he'll catch on. start him now, and he'll be a shark by the time he turns 18, and then he'll be able to absolutely rape the game (and of course turn a good wage).

BR now $2950 (with PSO points waiting for confirmation, i have enough for a $100 GC). so my BR is finally gonna be over the $3k mark. happy days.


Blogger Perpetual_Traveller said...

Hey Andy

(I posted a comment somewhere in March but figured you might miss it).

Must be exams soon, best ease off the poker? (Just trying to remove a TAG from the circuit for a while!).

Is Blighty getting any warmer? I'm back in a few weeks.


4:22 AM  

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