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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

back for the first time

ok back from the easter weekend break.

made $137 on the NL25 tables, even after tilting and losing a whole stack at PLO8. thats after 6hrs of play.

i'm 1200 raked hands into the empire bonus, with a day and 800 raked hands to go. i guess i'll have to work fast and move it quickly tomorrow.
i'm hopefully gonna do a lot of revision tomorrow. and the day after, and the day after...

i've also made an online poker vid. its basically a 1hr15 session i played, and starts right from me opening the client up, to me closing every table. i have no voice commentary (will do next time) but i have written notes to accompany it. read the notes at the end of the table in the notes first cos i'm too lazy to edit the notes properly.
click here for my poker 'training' video. I'm putting these out for free, but think that at the end of the year by the latest i'll be at the stage where i would be able to charge for them.
in my opinion i play the NL25 better than some pro's that say play the NL2000 would. not saying i'm an expert, hell i cant play the NL200 comfortably, let alone NL2000, but i am saying i would beat the game more than some pro's.
I think it's also more interesting to see my video's as i actually play the level, and can show what a top player at that level does. I've noticed in several of the pro's videos they just play textbook TAG, which is fine but doesn't add anything to the better players like myself, who are trying to break the NL100.
I've watched the NL2000 games on crypto and some of the stuff that happens just baffles me. my opinion is that some of it is donk play, but also a lot is stuff that is just too advanced for me, considering table image and the particular situation.

anyway back to my situation.

BR is $3000 (+1000 pso points)

i have $200 empire bonus that will be cleared, and $100 that will also be done in a week.
A good couple of sessions, and no major tilts will see a $3.5k roll soon, and be likely to be up over $1000 this month (with the cryto bonus to clear too. will have to stack and save it for later)


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