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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Strange One

So i was playing on absolute to bonus whore a little the PSO bonus, which I am now 75% through.
I was a little on tilt, then of course doubled someone up with my biggest loser ever, AKo.

Decided I'd try and finish up with a little 1/2 and ended up having a $100 swing around, ending up $55 after 3/4 stacking someone on another table when i hit my flush draw and got paid. (this includes 1 bonus of $10).

I am now only $55 down overall at absolute, which is nothing really. Just 1 stack.
I think what helped was a good PAHUD layout, and a new absolute skin. The original is almost imposible to play, as it has way too many colours and things going on.

Had a bit of fun on paradise's 'Ship It!' tourney for VIPs. I must be VIP cos i gambled a shitload on BJ back in the day (No MORE). Anyway went all in UTG first hand with 34o. The monster! AT called (terrible) and i boated up. Got a 'Wow' from someone, but i got moved so no one could pick on me. I did it tactically.
Then had a shower, went to have some dinner with a friend, and came back in time for the first break. blinds at 75/150 (15 min clock) i still had 2500 (started at 1500). That was funny.
I didn't even have to play in the first hour yet still had pretty much as much chance of winning as if i'd sat there concentrating for an hour. Maybe I'd have had more chips (actually probably cos i'd have likely busted another player). Its irrelevant anyway. I calculated it as being worth around a $20 buyin value, but in all honesty i'd much rather just hand out with friends (and eat) than worry about my chances of winning the WSOP seat. If it was meant to be it was meant to be.
I'll play the rest of my PSO bonus out tonight on absolute, but for now I'm gonna read a little and then start revising. I didnt complete any subjects and will be in big trouble if i cant get in gear ASAP.

+$55 yesterday
this month I'm +$405 if i include last months rakeback. I almost definitely won't earn $70 in rakeback this month, but i'll stack it and will take it in May. I'm sure I'd clear it easily, or else I'll just casinowhore it.
My BR would be larger had i not cashed out and bought my monitor, ram and mp3/4 player (around $550 total), however its all totally worth it. My monitor rocks and the RAM was necessary.

BR= $2840

p.s. After running $1.20 up to $4 on VC student poker, I've now just lost 4 HU matches in a row for a total of $1 :(. It's just a mess around when I'm bored, but even that loss hurts. I don't even know why. Its nothing money, yet hurts just as much as a $50 loss.


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