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Friday, April 07, 2006

Tournament Day

Played 8 SnGs at $11 a piece.

ROI was 70% for $62 profit. that was nice. took a LOAD of beats, but oh well.

dropped £2.25 ($4) in the interpoker 6-max tourney. played like a prick in it. didnt help i lost half my stack first hand with AA when J6 rivered a 6 on me.

A little beat right now. So far this month has started well. Even though i dropped $50 on empire the bonus was tidy. Need to clear my absolute bonus and the interpoker monthly bonus.

I got neck ache right now. I wanna go back to reading, will take some pictures for our ebay shit.

Im up over $300 so far this month, plsu last months rakeback of $70. Thats real good. also my affiliate thing on rakebreak is gonna bring in some cash. theres a link on the right hand side for good rakeback deals.

BR= $2785


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