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Saturday, June 10, 2006

oooh last day

this is it. everyone is leaving. sad times as my university life is over, at least for now.

football tomorrow, so its all good. LETS GO ENGLAND!!!

today was sick though. broke even on the day, i think down about $20, but holy shit i was stuck $250 at one point by starting the session on tilt. now thats the second time.
managed to stick it in with KK on 7xx board and opponent flips AA.
shit i suck, but luckily i'm a luckbox and i spike a K :P

cue me going on about mofo this and mofo that and fuck me, wtf is wrong with me etc etc.
i then proceed to be a luck box and end down $20 at NL100 for the day. I dropped $30 at NL25 by being on tilt too over 600 hands, after being up $50 then deciding i couldnt pass QQ (when it was obvious i was beat, then got raped by a terribly played QQ vs my JJ). meh.

still pwning LHE1/2 at party, even if im playing extremely weaktight.Fuck it, there was a guy at $100 who went down to $10 when i left. he played 89% VPIP, pfr was 0% and TA was 0.8. i really hope that guy is rich.

oh and i hit 17th in a $4.40 stars 180 man SnG. ffs. never got going. after the first 40 mins i got my stack in maybe 15 times, and only got called once.
blinds 300/600 antes(cant remember exactly how much, maybe 75) and i have 10k. the punk two to my left just doubled up and has 11k. avg stack is around 16k. i open push from UTG+2 with K9s and the punk take an age to call. flips A3s. i was seriously thinking wtf. So i had to be at the bottom of my range for him to have a chance of being ahead, and not very much either. my image had been pretty tight, and the one time i get called its not even by a premium?
gg me when i flop 55K but A spikes on the turn. meh i cant complain, i stuck my $$ in with 1 card to come and only 2 outs.

im bonus whoring now. i got two $100 bonuses at party, then i also have to clear my pokerroom bonus. $200 for 2000raked, plus $120 from PSO when i hit 400, which will be pretty damn fast.
I think i might get a job just to take the pressure off week to week. also i gotta start working out or something. its really hot but i still gotta just suck it up and do it.

do it, just do it.


Blogger kitaristi0 said...

Are you still doing the Poker Pro thing? How's that been treating you? Judging by your recent entries not too well.

Anyway, I recall you saying something about going to York to do some graduate stuff in the future? If you're gonna be there in the fall we should meet up some time.

1:49 PM  

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