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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Done for the week

This week was some fun huh? Not many hours online, but some serious GSOP action.

Rupom did really well after going down to T4000 on the first day. He came 4th for £5000 and after tip (yeh i know, what?!) i got £480. That's cool. The guy who won sold 50% of himself. LOL. His gold bracelet is pretty 'playa-a-pimp' tho.

At party this week I'm up $693. It been emotional YO! I didn't feel comfortable at NL200 at all.

Played and lost $30 in donkaments this week. HMM
Today I played and lost in a £22 donkament at the gutshot, but won £57 in the cash games. Last two cash game sessions I'm +£12 and -£8.5. woot dog.

I'll do an end of the month round up in a couple of days. I'm gonna add this months rakeback to this month, and not post date it. I'm really happy with how things are going, and given good enough sleep I can log 4hrs a day easy, which is just gravy.

I'm +$100 in party reload, but erm, well, -$100 in party backgammon takeback.

BR is at $10250 and I'm expecting $600 minimum for rb.
I'm gonna do the willhill monthly and party bonuses over the next two days or so, so hope to finish the month over comfortably over $11k.


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