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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm bored

So i decided to 2-table and make a NL100 vid. got stacked in the first 2 orbits. sweet.

not gonna scrap tho cos i pwned and ended up around $30 in the end. gonna get it up on pokerfox.
pff. you dont see GP getting stacked early in his vids.

In other news I got a pen tablet for my pc. I can use it instead of my mouse cos my finger hurts. Seriously. I've played SO much poker my finger hurts from clicking the mouse. So i got my ass a pen tablet so I have options. Its kinda fun but I still prefer a mouse.
damage was £39.99. but since I'm a NL100 pwner... money aint a thang

maybe up around $120 total today, give or take $10 or so. Not really sure just donked around at NL25 to make my sizzler numbers. Will see how the old finger is tomorrow, and prob get some serious NL100 in since I took a day off. If I clock around 3.5hrs avg at it, that would be the nutzors with 2hrs at NL50. I'm wondering whether or not I'm actually giving up value going for the sizzler promo, and I'm considering not doing it on one of my accounts. playing 2hrs of either NL50 or NL25 really cuts into my NL100 time. It's possibly not woth the trouble. $300 maybe isnt really worth it.


Blogger Mattastic said...

Make sure you stick a link up for the new videos, I enjoyed the SnG ones you put up.

8:59 AM  

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