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Monday, August 07, 2006

But today was FUN

Saw miami vice. pff. waste of money. Film is SO uninteresting and the action was poo.


+$301 at NL100 off 570 hands - me run goot.
-$42 at NL50 off 369 hands - i'm running amazingly bad at NL50 right now
+$93 at NL25 off 1126hands - just muicking around for the summer sizzler at eleven 6-max tables.

However like $50 came from one table at NL25 because of the 2+2 donkoff. AI push with erm... nvm
I called an AI from dbitel with... 93o. had him beat too but he sucked out :(

w.e. $352 so not bad i guess, about 3.6hrs play including the 2+2 game.

anyway BR at $6870, and I got to go buy a graphical tablet thingymajig that dove told me about cos my right index finger has RSI...


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