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Friday, August 03, 2007

Been back a week now...

... and done virtually nothing.

Tonights the first night that i havent been out since getting back, and decided to get play medded up.

ballin. took ages tho, cos i was playing 2-6 tables

played pretty well, made one bad call, in a ratehr marginal spot, and then folded in a hand where i really didnt want to, then ldo someone calls a $200 bet into a $600 pot and wins with a worse hand. wp me.

for some reason nothing ran right at NL600, like a couple of days ago, yet ran good elsewhere. NL1k seemed rather soft, and I felt like I just took advantage of soft games. Never really got any set up spots, but blah, happens


Blogger hennnerz said...

Nice work mate. How many hands have you clocked up at NL1000, feeling totally comfortable there now?

Also when is this trip report ever going to happen? And have you been hitting the gym of late?

Laters, gl.

4:23 PM  

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