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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Glad May is over

May was pretty bad, ran bad all month really.
Ended on 47k hands, for $13k monies. +$1k in bonni and another $1k in rb.

I dropped $215 in the stars million, and then $222 to grandmelon on 2p2 for losing a prop bet. lawl.

Usually there's a graph, but I cant be bothered right now. June is hawt so far, wasn't really intending to play, but the games have been good. +$4.5k in 5k hands so far. I've run both hot and cold, but mostly a little hot i guess. I also tried shortstacking a little at NL200 tonight. Man, it's way more work than you'd think. Constantly ratholing, and stuff, and when you do double, you have an interesting spot where its unclear wtf you should do.
My personal line so far has been double, reload full, wait for blinds, rathole. I'm just doing it to mess around, I think that I'm at a stage in my poker development where I might become a really good player. So far I would say that I'm just 'more than averagely competant', but definitely could be WAY better.

I'm gonna robusto through some WSOP ME satellites. If anyone knows of ANY WSOP ME freerolls, pls tell me. I'm down to play any of them. I'm gonna be a little bit of a whore at them, trying to qualify. I'm probably also gonna play a load of sub sats, and small donkaments to try and robusto some monies, since $650 a pop is kinda expensive i guess. I wanna keep it as separate as possible from the main poker monies. I'll still be playing MSNL during the peak times tho, and need just about 8k more hands to become a deuces member on party, which is worth a lot of monies to me.

anyway its like 4.20am, gotta go to bed.



Blogger JB said...

"My personal line so far has been double, reload full, wait for blinds, rathole. "

What does this mean? Whats ratholing?

5:55 PM  

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