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Monday, May 28, 2007

woot woot

I've been enjoying poker a little more. It's just because I've really been thinking a little bit more about my decisions, rather than autopiloting it. Played some 10/20 without much happening, and some 5/10 actually. However it's gonna have to be better game selection, and maybe only playing 4 tables cos I feel that the tables are a little harder (ldo).

Last night I was up till really early in the morning, sweating skeg_vegas in a few, including FTing and then taking a bad in the sunday mullingan. Simultaneously I sweated carrotsnake in teh $650 WSOP qualifier on stars. He managed to get a seat, so our SSNL balla mansion now has WSOP ME event representation!

I'll take today off, with the intention of hopefully going to bed early. I might do some small donkaments, maybe a small rebuy or two. Not sure. I have been putting in relatively ok volume recently, 3-4k hands per day. I hope to get in about 8k more hands this month, and hit 50k total (i'm on 44k right now).

NL200 has been hilarious. I'm currently nursing a 14 buyin downswing at it, which is definitely my biggest downswing ever. This week i've taken a 10 stack downswing at NL200, then 2 days later 10 stack downswing at NL400. Not the most fun.

I've got a lot of stuff to sort out before going to america, in fact I have to book tickets. I think I'll fly out the 10th or 11th. May even go business class, since I'm such a balla. I think it's only £500 more. I got a lot of crap to sort out before I go, buying a laptop, sorting out my debit card (which expires 1/2 way through me being in vegas) blah blah blah.

Anyway, my next update will be an end of month I round up I guess. The month hasn't gone the greatest, having had a really poor start. Also 50k hands is about half of what i was wanting, so whatever.


Blogger SinkRox said...

woah thats some swings. ...graphs plz.

GL in vegas

11:54 AM  

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