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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running Kinda cold

That was yesterday. Man that hurt cos I was srsly releveling everyone. fav 2 hands of the day:

pretty much how i ran, did a quick 500 hands this morning and was +$2 (lol?) after losing every flip. At the end of the session i was up $2k, but then got badly coolered. oh well, i guess +$800 being a bad day is ok by me.

day before i was +$3k in 1k hands, playing a huge fish. he shoved $1.5k deep into a 653cc board, i snap call JJ ldo, what can he had? 59o and board comes 6 9. river was 9c i was actually pretty scared he had a FD cos thats how he'd been playing.

bah, im close on 40k for the month, like $38k. annoying i didnt do better in the GSOP ME, cos i could have broken 50k for the month. the one big hand that i played and talked to gaucho about when i 4-bet and got shoved on, i really think i had to call. sigh. i hactually 4-bet intending to call teh shove, but when i count ed my chips i had slight more than i thought. i tanked like crazy and at one point jamie whispers 'i hope u have KK' which almost made me laugh, cos i was very very serious with my... AJs. I folded and hear villain had 75s, which makes total sense and was definitely my main thought ( i guess it has to be if u tank AJs for 60bbs+ in a donkmanet).

tbh it was great experience, and i was glad to get it in before i did any real donkaments. It was a £550 event, and I honestly think I was in a completely different level to almost everyone. There were only a couple who I thought were any good. First table i had on day one, some dude (cant remember his name) sat behind me. People seemed to recognise him and they talked about him playing 'on the circuit'. Obv I just played every hand and he tried to outplay me every hand. He ended up getting buttraped. The whole table did. Because i was opening light, their expert stratergy was to call me oop preflop and try to outplay me psotflop. lol. One dude i recognise as a gutahot regular, jaz i think, got really pissed at me for 3-betting him with A7s. heh. I just leveled the whole table, i was in seat 1, and the people in direct eye line with me were all visably tilting the whole day.

How do you handle a multicoloured haired azn kid, who barely looks 18 but seems to be able to buy into £500 events and play extremely reckelss? call ldo, and hit a flop. props to teh guy that busted me, the only person I played who had any clue how to handle me, although theres no way he can do anything vs me if our seats are reversed.

i wont do $50k now, although i might do a donkament day online and play a shitlaod of $50-$109 MTTs and hope for a score, although i think maybe not since it just kills my hrly and doesnt really do anything apart from give me short term variance. Hell even teh GSOP was a waste of time in the long term, i guess i was just playing for 'fun', although I havent considered the live poker experience that I gained from it. I'd never played a live donkament over £60 so it was defintiely a good learning experience for me. Not sure I'll ever be a big donkament player, since you have to keep a schedule and cant leave midway through etc. Plus I'm getting sick good at NL 6-max, like really good. I definitely think I can be a big winner at NL2k within 6months to a year. i figure 3PTBB = $120/100, but 6 tabling (i assume id play less cos theres less games, although i can mix more from nl1k ldo) at just over 400 hands/hr = 480/hr? thats pretty sick and i think my figs are conservative although the games can defiitely change in the next few months. we'll see

my latest cardrunners video is out. third one so far now, i think they've got better as i've gone along productionwise. i play some intersting pots, although i also play some really bad imo.

also shoutout dude update more. I randomly staked this guy, and hes already doubled from $500 to $1k playing a good volume of hands and working hard.


Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Tufat - Would you say at the micros (NL2-NL25) it's more important to try play sheer volume and get through them as quick as you can?

8:44 AM  
Blogger Robert12345 said...

Dude I gotta ask you something....I just read your blog, I play at gutshot tons and vic casino. Everytime I'm there I play 250 game or 100 and Willie Tann or Michael Arnold calls me Andrew, every f**king time. No matter how many times I tell them my name is Robert, always Andrew. Heard this Andrew boy is RoyalB on will hill and made $1m and young as well. Is this you??? Write back man on my blog,, need to find out who this Andrew person is!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Binner said...

Tufat. I have your blog linked on mine. Can you add me to yours.


Keep up the good work.

2:15 PM  

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