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Friday, October 12, 2007


Looks like I'm going to thailand next month. Gonna book tickets soon, apparently i dont need a visa for less than 28 days.

Recently I've played a a few small donakments and done pretty well. I need to close one out for a 10k+ score soon, but I've been racking up the wins in teh small ones. I feel like I'm now playing the mid-late stages pretty well and close out all of them with a decent amount of clinicism.

I've also helped coach lior to a 10k score and orange to a 5k score. I just posted what i thin was a sick bit of thinking about poker, we'll see how it gets received. link

It's just something that I've been thinking about a lot recently because MTTs play so much shorter than its a lot better to be playing the unexploitable line as opposed to necessarily the optimal line, especially since they're so close so often.

I'm gonna play GUKPT if I can get to bed before 10am sometime soon. I've been waking up at like 8pm+ last week or so and I think it's terrible. Have to get back on track soon.

recent cashes: 2nd a 25k guaranteed for 8k and 1st in a 5k gtd for 1.4k. I've barely played like 100 donkaments this month, will have to play much more soon.


Blogger SinkRox said...

how come your getting so into donkaments? just grind 600nl and make consistent monies.

4:18 AM  
Blogger Poorman1001 said...

Nice to hear a success story with poker!
i've been following your blog for months now and i'm trying to follow in your footsteps
Good luck with Thailand, i just got back from there, need any advice for the trip email me

4:36 PM  

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