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Monday, December 29, 2008


fustrating weekend.

Felt like I played pretty good overall, but ran bad in ugly spots. Saturday started off indifferently, but got better when I finially binked a pca seat in a 100r. However no other joy, liek rejamming QJo in pkr major, when I thought villain would always fold because it was 5 from the money bubble, however the sb gets to have QQ which I think is ok because i doubt he ever calls AQ so his range is baiscally AK/QQ+ and I'd probably want to discount the number of times he calls AK to some region of 20-80% of the time leaning on something most liekly being like 30-45%. otehr guy typed in chat later that he had 77, so I defintiely feel it was fine.

Today started off awesome, missed the first 15mins of the warmuop and party major, not a problem. first hand back at 50/100 I 3-bet a Co open, bet/3-bet/call a Jxx lose to JT river T. MAybe a sigh of things to come. Run bad in pretty much everything, but I'm pretty sure that the large majority of the chips I lsot were all getting it in good, or some super cooler.

My best shots of the day ended up being the sunday million and mulligan, but it was never gonna be. with a rediculous image I 3-bet KK 50bbs deep, get cold 4-bet shoved on and lose to AA obv with around 100 let in the mulligan.
In the million i ran like god early to be 2/400 or so, but just couldnt get going and at one stage held my stack for about 2.5hrs before shoving atc into ak for 12bbs to bust 120-50ish. about b/e for the week and ive almost defintiely closed tlb top 100.

Today is tuesday, and as I write this I have a total of one left, party 18k gtd. Felt like I played another good day, closest stuff was busting the ftp 50k gtd with 40 left JJ < KK for like 75bb+ pot. Then in crypto £9k gtd, I lose JJ vs 88 ai pre for CL going into FT, but alas I FT bubble cos thats how good I am.

not sure what I'm gonna do tomorrow, but plan to play live cash on 1st and then fly to bahamas 2nd Jan.


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