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Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas

I've been playing decent volume this month. No big scores since the last post, in fact i finally had a losing sunday, something I'vve not been used to. I'm probably about even in 180 man sngs now since I have a total of 1 win in a 20/180. 300 tlbs is more than I thought it would be, and I plan to either play some tomorrow/saturday or 29th-31st along with normal schedule..

I'm not sure why I've stayed away from the ftp 6pm 40k gtd turbo, I've always thought I sucked at them but I final tabled them two mondays running. last monday I came 3rd, then 2nd yesterday after getting kinda unlucky. Made one iffy shove 3 handed because I thought villain would fold wider based on stack sizes/icm etc, but he called anyway to pick me off then win aj my AQ pre for some unknown reason.

I've played a bunch over xmas eve and day, and have 6 fts with zero wins. One PCA 33r 3x turbo satellite I had a legit shot to win, but I suck really bad and got JTs into JJ via a bad shove. Up like 8kish over the 2 days, but it should have really been more (add the losing sunday and I'm not totally happy).
3 of my ft's were on ongame, nice to do well on that network for a change. A couple of ft's were on party (note no ft's ons tars even though i'm chasing tlb, good job me). The party tournament structure is possibly the most fustrating thing in the world. Endgame is always the most redic crapshoot ever, plus I run crazy bad.

I'm happy with my overall game right now, just don't think my head is always in the right frame when playing. I think bananas may have cost me a little but probably not too much.

I was planning to take tomorrow off before the weekend, and I may still do; but the mansion 1k 6-max is on and I seem to just crush souls in 6-max events. It's also on saturday but I think all the qualifiers play tomorrow so friday is way way better than saturday.

I've been experimenting with scehdules and am actually a fan of short registering periods. tomorrow I'll probably register 1pm-3pm and then add stuff later as I start to bust things (stuff like turbos and/or 180 sngs).

saturday is gonna be a decent day, I'll probably rock 3pm-5pm with pca sat and pkr major going on.

sunday I plan to do the whole day as per usual before finally taking a day off on monday or tuesday.


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