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Saturday, May 31, 2008

eagerly anticipating

Well, a few things have changed for me atm. It may have taken 15 months, but I've finally tidied my room! Well almost. It's like 90%+ finished. I'm also thinking about new ways to use existing resources that I have, including currently using my laptop to write this post whilst watching tv on my computer :0.

lol anyway, today is the 500 pound (i have an american laptop) Gutshot something or other series tournament blah blah but ti starts at 6pm. It's currently 12pm and I'd woken at 10am after 8+hrs of sleep. How rediculous. The first time that I am back on a normal sleep schedule and it's basically the wort time ever to do so. Play is going to 3/4am i think, so I am actually planning to nap it out soon so that I wont fall asleep. I guess busting out early is the other viable alternative :(. with a 45min clock, I probably shouldnt last too long given my track record in all live poker donkaments, especially the ones in the UK.

I have a load of errands to run after this weekend. I'm so retarded that I should have started last week, but I was generally jsut asleep when I needed to be awake so I've had to put it off. I hope I can get everything done in time for the WSOP. I'm still waiting on another op that may happen, but I'm starting to get bored with the idea. Event #1 the 10k PLHE just kicked off and I'm suddenly feeling pangs of longing to be out there again. fwiw my homie vivek has this shit in the bag, and he's gonna take this donkament down in sweat pants, flip flops, and so I'm lead to believe, newly straightened hair.

This week, I haven't really played much. I've done well online in cash games, but next to no volume. I really need to get back onto all of that.

I guess the most important thing that happened to me this week was Lost. A show that is just amazing imo. Skip this little section if you're not 100% upto date. THIS is the link to the 2p2 OOT discussion about it. Yes I did read the whole thread this morning in like 2 hrs. Some of it is bv noise, but there's some good analysis and relevant links to other places like relevant youtube clips of alternate endings and a chronological order of the fast forwards of season 4 etc.

Personally I just assume Jin is still alive, but He didn't make it back to the island and I guess it's not unreasonable to just kill him off since a lot of people are gonna have randomly died, but he was still a rather large character in the show so I guess he' stlll going, plus there is a random scene i remember in like season 2 maybe when hurleys in the pantry and Jin talks. At the time I wrote it off as a halucination, but I guess it could have been Jin time travelling as he spoke perfect english.

In terms of Locke being in the coffin. I agree with the speculation that what's likely is that Locke is big in season 5, then becomes less prominent in season 6. It's also not impossible for Locke to cme back to life in the same way Jack's father seems to have, maybe not back to life exactly but he's done something.

We're waiting for 'annie' to become importnat again. This was the girl that was friends with Ben when he was a kid, and according to lostpedia she's gonna be huge although details are unclear.

Im considering watching all of lost form season 1 again, I might knock out season 1 now and then do the rest when I come back from the WSOP.

Ok i'm actually just gonna go get some food now, cos I'm hungry. I guess there's gonna be pdates on the gutshot website or something but I doubt they'll pay me any attention unless I go deep, as they have no idea who I am.


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